Junior Committee Nomination


We are currently seeking nominations for the following positions:

Junior President: Be well informed on all club activities such as the club's current financial position, each of the programs run by the club, who is in charge of them and the number of teams within the club. To oversee all football related matters across the club. Own the final coaching and club policy decisions.

Junior Vice President: Provide leadership and support to all football coaches, players, support staff and volunteers. To provide support to the club president. Oversee recruitment of coaches and players according to policies outlined by the club committee and President.

Junior Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the club including reporting on what has happened to the club’s funds and planning the budget in 2020.

Junior Secretary: The secretary is the club's administration officer and provides the link between members, the club committee and outside agencies such as the EDFL and other local club.

Junior Girls Coordinator: Own the end to end girls football program at the club from Auskick through to Junior girls football. Ensure there is a voice representing diversity and inclusion in all committee meetings. Ensure there is a welcoming, safe and appropriate facilities for all girls teams the thrive.

We are also seeking the following positions which are required to help share the workload in 2020 but are not on the Committee:

Junior Coaching Coordinator; Provide mentoring and support for new and existing coaches at the club. Help support coaches to maintain a the club culture and ensure club policy is being followed. Identify areas for improvement and make recommendations to external coaching training programs.

Junior Social Media Coordinator (x2): Help ensure Panthers families and friends continues to be updated and engaged with positive stories and media via Facebook & Instagram.

Junior Merchandise Coordinator: Place a monthly order for all club merchandise and apparel. Ensure orders are made in advance and ensure there is a basic stock management system in place.

Junior Team Manager Coordinator: Ensure all off field football matters are dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner for the team managers grade of competition. Arrange (by delegating) to ensure the required support staff for games to take place.

Junior Equipment Manager: Ensure the teams are provided with sufficient equipment to ensure the efficient operation of the team. Provide the Secretary with a list, in jumper number order, of all players and keep all players lists updated as every change is made. Check that all equipment is in good order.

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